Develop your ideas with us!

Do you have a great idea and you don’t have capabilities for developing the technology?

Contact us and we will guide your application to different funding opportunities to develop and boost your ideas.

Are you looking for business opportunities which involve new technology development in Chile, but are not sure what exactly?

Contact us and be part of many of our under develop ideas, we can join to apply to several funding opportunities.

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Power Quality Consulting:

We count with the best equipment to measure the power quality of your company, contrast the results with national standards and purpose solutions to solve your power quality problems.

Hardware Design and testing:

We count with specialized software to design your PCB to fulfil your requirements and make possible to implement your ideas.

Hardware Programming:

We count with specialized software and personal to program FPGAs and microcontrollers for rapid prototyping of available hardware. Hardware can be provided by company or by our lab.

Equipment Testing:

We count with a fully equipped laboratory with loads and electrical machines available to test your power electronics hardware.